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this is the page you enter by default. The company and Web site presentation is usually made in this section, if necessary. As regards design, there is no significant difference between home and the other sections: it is just one of the sections, where the company is always introduced and it is used as default home page.


a site is divided into sections. There are usually between 5 and 9 sections, but they can be more or less. When choosing the sections, you must take into account that each of them needs to deal with a specific topic without mixing up with the other and the name of each section must be clear for the visitor. That is to say, a person searching for information needs to know where to go just by reading the section names.


your site pictures are a very important element. Having your own picture is the most advisable thing to do, but only if you can afford a professional photographer to take them. If you do not have that chance, using pictures from Internet is better (there are both free and paid picture stocks). Using bad quality own pictures is not advisable at all because this really has an adverse effect on the site image.


it is the site headline. It is shared by all sections and it has the greatest design work. The header is the most important part of a site as regards design. The section buttons or the company’s contact information can be included in the header.


they are used to enter into the site sections. Buttons also require quite a lot of design work. The aim of the designer is to create an original button but aesthetically pleasant and easy to use. There are very usual effects on the buttons, such as being pressed when you enter into the corresponding section or light up when the mouse goes over it.

E-mail accounts:

when buying a Web site, you need to have domain and hosting. Domain is your site address (www.yourcompany.com) and hosting is being housed by a server. Having these two things, you can get lots of e-mail accounts with the following format: yourname@yourcompany.com


the form is mainly used on the contact section but it can be used for many things. The contact form is composed of different personal information fields such as name, company, e-mail accounts, etc. and a field to write the question on. This question will be automatically sent to your e-mail account, that will be info@yourcompany.com. The advantage of using a contact form is that things get easier for the visitor and that you can also include mandatory information fields and in this way you will always get the data you need from your sender.


it is usually an animation made using a program called Flash. In our opinion, it is not useful at all because actually nobody sees it: they either skip it or close the page.


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