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design company logoIn the previous section, we were talking about the features of a Web site; here we will talk about its functions. There are three main functions for a corporate site. When reading the names assigned to each of them, you will notice that they are the ones used for marketing elements. This is so because a Web site works as an extraordinary marketing tool. Let’s see why...


Internet advertising is different from standard advertising as regards the item trying to focus the recipient’s attention. The typical TV, graphic and radio advertisements focus their attention on the advertisement itself, putting the product on the background. This happens in two ways: through advertisements implying extraordinary product features and advertisements moving through their plot. The first ones show a product carrying out tasks that are evidently impossible. This type of advertisements is commonly used for cleaning products: the product is shown as an infallible assistant removing dirt that obviously it cannot remove or that, at least, it cannot do it as shown on the advertisement. The aim of this advertisement is not to make the public believe that what is shown is true to reality but shock the recipient and show the product as highly powerful.

Advertisements moving through their plot hardly ever show the advertised product. The product may be shown on the advertisement as a background item or it may not appear till the end. The strategy is to tell a story moving recipients’ sensitivity, recalling the more important values of the advertisement target group. For example, some time ago, there was a Jony Walter advertisement showing an android saying that he could live for ever but he could not feel. The plot is kind of the usual one: robots cannot feel and it is rounded off when the robot says that a human being can live for ever if he does a great thing. Once that is said, the Jony Walter logo appears and the advertisement ends. Any other company logo could well replace the whisky logo: such is the separation between the story and the product. However, this is not important for the advertising agents because they want to move the public through the story and transfer that emotion to the product they show.

It is not the same case for Internet. Web advertisements are just small links strategically placed on pages related to the sponsored site. These links neither move anybody nor extraordinarily show the site: they just inform it exists. By following these links, users directly arrive at your corporate site and, then, you need to move him and extraordinarily show the company. That is to say, Internet persuasive power does not lay on the advertisements but on the advertised thing; that is to say, the Web site. For that reason, Web design is an essential tool for your Web to appropriately and advertisingly work.


promotion means adding something to a product to make it more desirable, so as to improve your sales. This strategy is usually applied to products recently launched into the market or products that have lost their sale power. The corporate Web site is an extraordinary place to launch promotion campaigns. Let’s see three practical ways of doing it.

designYou can put a section on your site to publish the offers of the month. These offers will only be published on the internet. So, in order for people to get familiar with them, they will be forced to visit your Web site. But what benefits are brought by the restricted publishing of my offers? Firstly, nothing published on the internet can be called “restricted”. Secondly, people will find your offers if you are well placed on the Web. However, when consumers find the offers, they will believe they are one of the “few ones” that have done so. That is to say, you will have offers for some products that will be known by lots of people who will think they are one of the few ones that have found the promotion and they will want to use their good luck and ability to find good prices.

jobsAnother way of making promotion through your site is placing ready-to-print discount coupons. You could ask your designer to have those coupons ready, which will be valid at the associated stores. Of course, coupons could be used to get discounts on the products you want to promote. You can put a link on your site home to enter into the discount page. Although you can get a greater benefit from this. Before accessing the coupons, you can put a message saying that in order to access the coupons, the person interested in it must enter his name and e-mail address and agree to get company’s information. Then, you will be able to promote your products and open a communication channel with potential customers. However, it is highly important that you always remember to ask for authorization to send information since if you do not have authorization from the recipient, you will be making SPAM, an illegal advertising practice.

companyYou can also put labels on the promoted products having your Web site address together with a code and brief explanation of the promotion. This will mean that people buying the promoted products will get their code. Visiting your corporate Web site, he will have the option of entering the code printed on the product label. By entering the code, the user will have access to a page from where he will be able to print free tickets for movies, theater, etc. This strategy is not only useful to promote products but it will also bring closer those people not familiar with the company and they will be able to get information about all the things they consider necessary from your page.

Sale channels:

Any marketing campaign is intended to extend, optimize and create new sales channels. The more and better channels a company has, the more earnings and stability it will get. Since Internet is the greatest sales channel of the world, having a Web site will extraordinarily increase your sale chances. Specially if you ask for an e-commerce site design and have a site that is well-placed on search engines, it will not be long before new sales to different parts of the world appear. An e-commerce site is a site that can sell by itself, without needing any human involvement. This site can be selling 24/7, to many people at the same and without having money spent. Isn’t it really very interesting?


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