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design company logoThis site is devoted to inform users about all they need to know to begin to think about their company Web site. Knowing that many people having a small or middle-size business must take care of different tasks and that nowadays having a Web site is one of the most important ones, we have created a page explaining the basic guidelines for this activity. That's why our website is called "company design web". Our aim is that when you are done reading this site you are able to hire a Web design service and take the most of it. Being unaware of many aspects results in Web developments being quite ineffective for businesses or developments that are too slow since the person hiring them is never sure of what he wants. The information provided here will make you know enough to work closely together with the designer you hire and not waste time in unnecessary explanations or endless redesigns and changes.

This is not a site for designers or experts on the subject: this is a practical guide for businessmen that want an own Web site and are not really familiar with the subject. Once read, this Web site will not make you become an expert on Web design but give you the necessary tools to efficiently work with the true experts. That is to say, your occupation is to keep the company going, that is your expertise; to create a Web page, hire an expert that knows enough so as to get the most of the hiring. That is our offer.

Company Web design, as well as any other type of design, requires the customer's active work: it is not only paying for the job, you need to get into it, be part of it. A designer cannot work broken away from the customer: he needs to check his preferences, ideas, etc. That is why we publish this company Web design site: for you to do your job as well as possible, to balance a little bit the designer's knowledge and yours.

It is very common to see Web sites or, in our case, take part of mediocre developments that are potentially very good. It is common that customer's ignorance has an adverse effect on the project: he chooses a wrong element combination, he does not want to respect the corporate identity criterion (that will be dealt with later), etc. And who is affected by this? Does this harm the site designer or programmer who charge the same amount for a design done for a good or bad site or does this affect the customer? Since Classical Greece, we, westerners, know that knowledge makes us stronger and since Classical Greece we usually ignore knowledge. We are certain that the knowledge you acquire in this lines will be highly beneficial.

This company Web design site has been divided into sections focusing on a specific topic. We recommend that you read all together in the order they are shown. However, the sections have been written in such a way that one is closely related to the previous one, being its sequel, but without losing its autonomy and ability to be read separately. This means that it is advisable to read the sections in order since they are ordered following a learning progression, so that you acquire little by little the necessary knowledge but if you just want to be informed about a particular topic, you will be able to do it with no inconvenience at all.

Each section tries to exhaust the topic it proposes as regards the site aim. That is to say, there is a lot more to say about the topics shown, but what we say is all we consider necessary to fulfill the purpose of not training professionals but providing tools for Web design service customers. "Web Design" is a section that defines the concept, shows its main features and the Web site main features as well. In the section called "Functions of a Web Site", the reason why a site on the Internet is useful is explained. The section called "Corporate Identity" briefly describes this concept and thoroughly deals with the implications of a Web site within this deliberately homogeneous group we are talking about. In "Colors and Typography", from the Web to the paper, we talk about the importance of these two elements within a Web design and about how digital and graphic media are related to this subject. Finally, in "Parts of a Web Site", you will get familiar with all the elements that can be included in your corporate Web page: from graphic elements to extra-design functions.

We sincerely appreciate your choosing "corporate design web" to give you a hand in this new enterprise. We hope to be as useful as possible and a good support to keep your company going. We warmly welcome you to this customer-oriented Web design site that we thought for you.


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